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T.K. Rice Mill And Ash Co., Ltd., is a family-owned corporation established in July 2000 providing top quality rice for the international markets. We are a subsidiary of Thanyakit Nakorn Pathom (2521) Rice Mill located in the Nakorn Pathom province, which has the largest available land dedicated for growing Thai long grain paddies all year long.

Our rice mill capacity is 300 MT per day for milling Thai long grain paddies to Thai long grain white rice. We have the large silos, capable of holding up to 10,000 MT of Thai long grain paddies, and 5,000 MT of raw Thai long grain white rice. We supply many kinds of Thai rice: Thai Jasmine Rice, Thai Pathumthani Rice, Thai White Rice, Thai Parboiled Rice, Brown Rice, and Broken Rice.

Moreover, we use the high technology of rice processing for our production line such as machines for cleaning process, polishing process, and color sorting process as well as automatic weighting... read more

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